Vampire Workshop
with Charles Runels, MD

Here is what you get with this workshop…

  • The skills to do the Vampire Facelift®
  • The skills to do the Vampire Breast Lift®
  • How to become the least painful Botox injector in your town.
  • How to do the O-Shot® [assumes able to do a comfortable pelvic exam] which is rapidly growing in popularity (presently getting more internet traffic than the Vampire Facelift® )
  • Priapus Shot® taught.
  • 8 Strategies for doubling the number of injections you do per day.

Dr. Runels Vampire Preview Package

Dr. Runels is a master marketer!!

This alone will bring you more profit (in addition to better service to your patients) than any course you’ve ever seen.  He does his own website, search engine optimization YouTube videos, and email newsletter. He will show you how you can do the same with little time and simply a phone and a lap-top computer and make back the money you paid for this course within 2 weeks.

The Key to all of this is that YOU WILL BE TAKING BETTER CARE OF YOUR PATIENTS–the reward becomes a more profitable practice.

  • How to look at the face and identify the most beautiful and the most distracting parts of the face and then talk comfortably with the patient about what can be done.
  • How to inject the lower face with Botox with confidence (to treat gummy smile, soften periorbital lines and marionette’s lines, and orange peel chins).
  • How to do the Vampire Facelift®, by injecting platelet plasma.  You must use a different technique than with Juvederm, and how to explain this to your patients (the Vampire Facelift®).
  • How to create beautiful mouths (and never make duck mouths or bird beaks).  Here you learn to apply the proportions as described by Leonardo da Vinci–how to translate art into medical practice.
  • A review of basic injection techniques and how to choose the best filler for the job.
  • How to use the various fillers to sculpt the face not only back to a more youthful appearance but also to a more aesthetically pleasing state:  includes the brow, the nose, the jaw, the ear lobes, under the eyes.
  • How to use your iPhone and your computer to best document and market your results.

Hands on and didactic from 9am-9 pm on Day 1 and from 9 am until 6 pm on Day 2.

The course location is Fairhope, AL.

Cost is $6,897.

You may bring one non-injector (office manager/marketing) for $500.

I will accompany you to the course.

Please call Samantha @ 888-920-5311 for more information or to reserve your spot