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Perfect PRP™ & Joint Injection

Training Workshops

Achieving Excellent Outcomes using PRP

If you’re a physician of almost any specialty other than psychiatry, and you’re not yet using PRP as part of your practice, you’re rapidly becoming out of date. The safety and efficacy of PRP is becoming more solid almost daily with an absolute explosion of research. But remember, there is no procedure that works perfectly — none. So finding an idea that works is only the first step.

Next comes the eternal task of looking at the near-infinite variations, such as who will respond to the procedure, who will not, how can the PRP be best prepared, how can it best be injected, and more.
Those are just some of the questions that arise concerning PRP procedures. This is why the PERFECT PRP workshops were developed; so physicians and other medical professionals may find the answers needed to make PRP an integral part of your practice.

Workshops are provided in both online and in-person learning formats, according to what’s most convenient for you. Simply select your preferred format to register now.
Get The Book

In this book, I promise to dispel the myths, and make the uses of PRP clear:
Exactly what you can do with it to improve the health and function of the body and what’s the best way to use PRP for the best outcome.

– Jeffrey Piccirillo, DO
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For Patients

The Journey is the patient’s guidebook to the Perfect PRP™ method. When Dr. Piccirillo authored Perfect PRP™ for physicians, his audience requested a handbook written for their patients undergoing PRP procedures. This handbook became The Journey.

The Journey is written for the patient, to answer questions they will have along the treatment path to their PRP procedure. It will answer the Why, When, and How of each step in the process.

By following the Perfect PRP method, you will have a much higher probability of an amazing outcome from your treatment. Although the path may be tough at time, my hope is you enjoy The Journey.
Or, you can order your copy of the full book now on:

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Copyright © 2023 Perfect PRP. All Rights Reserved.
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